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Scaffolding Horizontal Ledger Welding Machine

Scaffolding Horizontal Ledger Welding Machine

Horizontal Standard Ledger Welding System with Mig Welding Machine 380-415 Volts 50-60Hz. Only.
(Three Hot Lines)

Welding Automation
Ledger Welder
Key Features:- High production , Easy to operate, Easy to maintain, Uniform welding results

Description : Automatic Ledger welding machine is used to weld ledger blades with pipe without making any joint between them,It gives high production and accuracy to product. Ledger post are used with combination of Cuplock welding to make a structure. All the components are used in combination of each other Base jack welding machine,Inner prop welding machine,Outer prop welding machine,Cuplock welding machine,Ringlock welding machine.
National Cutting Tools provides complete solution for scaffolding and formwork by providing Automatic scaffolding machines.

Technical Specifications:
I Ledger welding Double Side
Electric Supply: Single Phase 220 Volt HZ 50/60
Speed: 2 to 10 RPM
Motor Drive: AC Inverter Type
Motor: Type AC 220-Volts-3-Phase
Torch Clamping : PNEUMATIC
Length Adjustment : 150 to 2400 mm
Dimension : L x W x H 11.3x2.5x5.3 (Foot)